Who We Are

Our Board

Dan Curley, M. Ed.

Marc Miller, PhD

Michael Ricca, MA

Jonathan A. Bachman, MBA

Stacy Bordon-Holliday, M.Ed.

Donna Daley, LADAC

Elaine Fallon, MS

Grace Bachman, BA

Sara Kitaeff, Esq.

Annie Hamilton, BA

OWLL Artist Collective

Mary Driscoll, Lead Artist/Playwright

Molly Gilbert, Teaching Artist

Zarah Belyea, Teaching Artist/Dancer

Molly Burman, Stage Manager

Tasia Jones, Theater Director

Stacy Bordon, Culture Bearer

Lianna Asim, Actor/Playwright

Sara Kitaeff, Visual Arts Curator

Katherine Parks, Student Actor

Ashley Villar, Teen Advisor/Actor

Allyssa Jones, Music Composer

About the Founder

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.06.26 PMMary Driscoll, PhD, has combined her experience as an occupational therapist with her passion for theatre to design a program that advances literacy skills through new narratives for social change. This successful program is for women who are transitioning from marginalization to productive participation in their communities.

The genesis for OWLL began in 1999 when Mary began writing monologues with and for HIV positive women whose voices were under-represented in the pandemic. These stories were then woven into one social fabric and presented by the women themselves through an advocacy performance in their community. The resounding success of the women’s performance, and support fro the Office of Minority Health, motivated her to continue the process and become the founder of a collective non-profit organization On With Living and Learning.

It was when Mary taught a course called Entrepreneurship 101 at the Suffolk County House of Correction that she realized that 21st century life and work environments require far more than just content knowledge. Productive citizenship must involve creativity, innovation, communication and collaboration. The OWLL program was an ideal medium for the learning of those skills through the development of performance.

Dr. Driscoll is an experienced teaching artist and has taught workshops in shelters, prison, and community HIV/AIDS prevention programs. She has led workshops for the International Health Organization, India, the Nomagando Fund for Special Children in Uganda, and CAST in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.

As an actor she has appeared on Boston, New York, and Provincetown stages and is a core member of the Fort Point Theatre Channel in Boston.